Scottrade Elite? Or stick with QuoteTracker?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by IronFist, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I finally have over $25k in my account. I've been using QT for a while and I like it. Is there any reason for me to download Scottrader Elite or should I just stick with QT? Does SE do anything QT doesn't?

  2. Hold on, 95 views and no one has any experience with either of these?

    Please help a noob out.
  3. Does Scottrade Elite cost anything? If not, download it and try it out.
  4. i've heard mixed reviews about scottrade elite, but generally speaking they were only mildly happy with it at best.

    i've used quotetracker for a long time, and i use it for all sorts of stuff, i manage OPM as well as my own, and do almost all of my charting with it.

    i see no reason to switch

    if you like quotetracker and it is suiting your needs, then why switch>?

    if it is not meeting your needs than establish the problem and email jerry to see if he can accomodate you, or seek another platform that offers you relief
  5. Agree with whitster. Quotetracker works great for me. I don't need anything else.