Scottrade Elite & Microsoft Vista?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ess1096, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. ess1096


    Anyone know if Scottrade Elite is compatible with Vista?
    Still awaiting a reply from Scottrade.
  2. Efficient computer operation is not compatible with Vista. Its for kiddies who want a flashy interface and parents who want to control their browsing. Run, don't walk.
  3. ess1096


    I have no choice. Just got a new Dell and they don't ship with XP any more.
  4. Install it and see for yourself. You said you already have the new computer with the new vista installed. So install it and try it out.
  5. ess1096


    Did that already. It opens but I don't get a log on screen. I'm hoping Scottrade will have the answer.
  6. If you got a Dell in the past few days, you may be able to exchange it since Dell has decided that they will now ship new units with XP and not Vista, due to overwhelming demand.
  7. You posted a thread that is from The Inquirer? The gossip magazine that people buy from the grocery store checkout counter. LOL. I wouldn't trust anything that thread reads. LOL.

    But it is true that DELL does have a 21 day return policy. If you are unhappy with your purchase, then you can return it within 21 days for a full refund.

  8. Why don't you install Windows XP and make it a dual-boot system?

    That's what I did. For the work stuff, I boot in XP.

    I'll do that at least until I become familiar with Vista and also initial bugs have been fixed.
  9. "Vista - the virtual desktop that virtually works with nothing"

    It blows. Will start exploring Linux so I don't have to be trapped by this junk.
  10. ess1096


    Actually it arrived today and first thing I did was download Scottrade Elite since the Dell will be for trading only. Ten minutes later I was on the phone with Dell support who refered me to Scottrade (nobody there on Saturday)

    Then I asked him two questions, 1) Can Dell put XP back on it, and 2) What's your return policy. :mad:

    BTW: He told me Dell does NOT ship any units with XP any more.
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