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  1. Called my local office 'cuz I can't place a sell order and the guy doesn't even know when they'll be back up. Says they been working on it quite a while. Sucks.
  2. Don't worry about it. They have a shiny purple helicopter.
  3. The shiny purple helicopter must be good for somethin' 'cuz they're up now.

    Speaking of purple, do you know the difference between pink and purple?

    Her grip.
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    Internet trading completely down. Phones on hold then connection is lost. When you finally get to a broker they promise to write an order ticket for execution at that time and price. I have had issues with them in the past about executions, and I am done with them now for sure. Dude should spend less time bopping around in his copter and more time minding the store.
  5. You pay for what you get...
  6. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzze put that in the joke thread.:D
    cuz if you don't, I will.
  7. I agree. In their defence I have to say a good thing about them now:

    I placed a verbal order modification and just a minute ago I got a confirmation on my screen that it went through, albeit not one sale but five. They split my order up into five. Then I get a call from the guy! No shit! And he tells me the order went through and I say I know, it's on my screen, but what about the commissions? He says even though it shows as five I should only be charged the one commission of $7 and if I have any problems let them know and they'll fix it.

    Not too shabby. Oh, and it went through at the ask, not the bid. That was nice to see. Asked dropped right after my sell went through, cool.

    This is the first time I've had problems with them, so I have to say it worked out okay.
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    no, i'm not getting what i payed for. you have it backwards.
  9. Always works like that with them on the splitting it into 5 orders, you are only charged one comission. I think if you modify the order after one is filled, then you are charged another though.
  10. We've got you covered!!!!!!!!!!
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