Scottrade brokers get paid, what?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DonKee, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. DonKee


    A friend of mine mentioned to me that Scottrade was looking for a Series 7 person to man one of their offices in my area. He didn't know what starting salary was.

    I have the 7 (used to work for a wirehouse).

    Does anyone know what the pay and benefits are?
  2. katesdp


    You have experience.
    Name your price.
  3. 125k base plus bonus
  4. I hope you guys are joking Scottrade, like any other discount broker, dosen't pay well. This is just a glorified customer service position.
  5. DonKee


    I found another post that mentioned 35k + bonus'.

    That's about $17.50/hr plus benefits and any bonus.

    Does anyone know if that sounds about right?

  6. Surdo


    Does it include FREE lunch or a subsidized corporate cafeteria?
    That's about what a Starbucks manager makes!
  7. DonKee


    I understand it's not much money.

    I, also, understand the need some of you have to entertain and audition for "Last Comic Standing", but I'm really just trying to find the answer.
  8. $30k something is about right.
  9. DonKee


    Thanks :)
  10. DonKee that sounds about right for Scotttrade. I think the Starbucks manager actually does guite a bit better.
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