Scott walker owns a liberal Douche.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hello


    Scott walker owned this liberal pranksters ass.

    Hahahahahahah liberals, this prank call was supposed to be ground breaking, I remember listening to it yesterday on Ed schultz, where they talked about this plethora of criminal charges which were supposedly going to come based on the prank call by this little liberal pip-squeak from buffalo beast, who pretended to be Koch.

    Everyone take a look at the fucking tool who got burnt by Walker. His name is Ian Murphy. He looks like a typical liberal, homeless activist with no chance of doing any better. The picture seen below is the liberal definition of the kind of goober we are supposed to accept.... though i will say with certainty that there is no way i would let a pervy looking douche like this guy into my house. Congratulation Dems, it must make you extremely proud that you have a half retarded garbage man on your side..... :D


    Here is the call.

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  2. 377OHMS


    lol! Really? They're going to roast him?

    Sweet. Look at that twisted libtard loser.
  3. That was the thing with this call...what was said that Walker hasn't pretty much openly said in public already?
  4. The Republicans, like the Democrats can't stand prosperity. Scott Walker isn't helping his party, his is galvanizing and rallying the democrats and many independents and some moderate Republicans. His actions and public perception is liken to Pelosi's when she was speaker. One of the weaknesses of the Democratic party is they have to be worked up to get out and vote and stunts like Walkers and others will help reelect Obama. And the circus goes on.
  5. That's funny. I see a bunch of coward Democrats who fleed the state, and are derilect in their duties. I hope the recall campaign is successful. [​IMG]
  6. Hello


    That was what i foud funny as well, it was supposed to be ground breaking, and it was nothing new which hadnt already been said. Couple that with the fact that the guy who made the prank call looks like a pedophile, and it makes the scenario incredibly embarassing for the left.
  7. Ricter


    Hello, what's going on with you? This is real low ad hominem stuff, and you don't even know the guy.
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    LOL, maybe it is low brow, but be honest... if you called into a newspaper ad for someone to baby sit your kids and this guy showed up at the door would you trust him? :D

  9. Ricter


    I don't see anything of note there. Is it possible that you, a bit ticked by the prank, are seeing "bad" in him? I do it when I see pictures of pedophiles... I "see" something in them that makes me think, "aha, yep".
  10. Hello


    You mean to tell me that this guy doesnt look completely degenerate to you?

    I would be more than happy to point out republicans that i think are creepy looking as well if you show me pictures.

    EDIT: Im not at all ticked by the prank as nothing new was exposed in the prank....besides the fact that Walker is dumber then a rock for believing that Koch would call him and hold on the line for 10 minutes.

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