Scott Ritter: "We will lose this war.."

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  1. Scott Ritter, speaking to Irish radio, predicts that America will lose this war.

    Ritter's been called many things my many on the pro-war side, but does the name calling discredit his unquestionable experience on (and in) Iraq?

    (Even I think he might be reaching here..)

    "We find ourselves... facing a nation of 23 million,
    with armed elements numbering around 7 million --
    who are concentrated at urban areas. We will not
    win this fight. America will loose this war,"
    said Mr. Ritter."


    "And no matter how many Iraqi's we kill and
    slaughter, I predict that America will loose this
    war and ultimately the American military will
    leave Iraq with its tail between its legs."

    Strong words indeed.

    Rest of article:
  2. You'd just love that, wouldn't you?

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    Unquestionable experience but questionable integrity, it is not name calling.

    'By his own admission, Ritter accepted $400,000 in funding two years ago from an Iraqi-American businessman named Shakir al-Khafaji. Ritter used the money to visit Baghdad and film a documentary purporting to tell the true story of the weapons inspections (which in his telling were corrupted by sinister American manipulation). As Hayes has reported, al-Khafaji is openly sympathetic to Saddam and regularly sponsors anti-American conferences in Baghdad. Al-Khafaji seems to have gotten his money's worth: The documentary was so anti-U.S., says one of Ritter's former U.N. colleagues, that Iraqi officials were passing out copies of it on CD-ROM at a recent international conference.'
  4. what alfonsee boy would really like is scott ritter ambushing him from behind :D
  5. Did Ritter do that interview before or after his latest adventure cruising the chat rooms in search of an underage girl to meet him at a fast food joint and watch him whack off?

    He has the credibility of Tariq Aziz.
  6. Who cares what the star of "Three's Company" has to say.

  7. I'm laughing here.

    Scott Ritter seems to have all the integrity of Ghengis Khan. No offense to our Mongolian brothers and sisters.
  8. Do you know how easy it is to fabricate chat room logs? Since when is it considered hard evidence? The whole case could be EASILY fabricated to discredit him. Now I don't claim that that is what happened, but a definitely a possiblity. Next time you go to the mall, and you are munching on your cheeseburger, cops can show up and arrest you and say that you were waiting for some 11 year old and they have chat room LOGS!
  9. Chat room logs? I was willing to believe unproven rumors. :D
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