Scott Peterson and Double Murder

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  1. Anybody noticed that Laci Peterson's husband was charged with DOUBLE murder? I completely agree. Give him two lifetime sentences if he's guilty - one for each individual that he snuffed out.

    But here's my question: is there anybody who disagrees with this on et? (I've heard that there are many people outraged with the double murder charge.) Is there anyone who believes that he should be charged with only one murder? Not trying to start a flame war - I just seriously wonder how people can justify their position.
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    He should be charged with whatever and then shot in the back of the head if he did kill his wife and unborn child....

    oh yes...double murder..why? because it was 2 people he killed..
  3. I agree with double murder. BTW, this guy is SO the murderer. He put himself at the freaking scene! What's he going to say, the real murderer moved the body there to frame him? No way. If it was a chance killing by someone else, why would they go through the trouble of moving the body when Scott already looked suspicious and they weren't chasing the "real" killer? This plus so many other circumstances are going to nail this guy. However, I wouldn't give him the death penalty. Life in prison without parole. If he has good behavior, he gets a few books or something.

  4. Oye Cubano, I thought you were against capital punishment amigo! :confused:
  5. Interesting. I hadn't thought about how easily they can present his prosecution. Of course, being found on the border with $10,000, your beard dyed with your brother's id probably won't help him either.

    I think the death penalty would probably be too easy on him. I'll bet her parents would like to see him have to live the next forty years reliving the murder.

    I heard that they had to put him in maximum security because the other inmates had already heard about the case. Now that would be his worst sentence: put him in there with the rest of the boys.
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    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
    That far the circumstances point to him.
    And yes it is double murder, she was obviously pregnant.
    Horrible. Just horrible.
  7. he's got a public defender... he's goin down..........
  8. Apparently NOW is upset with the double murder charge because it is philosophically inconsistent with abortion rights.

    I agree the circumstances look dubious for this man, but is there any real evidence? A big problem in cases like this is the police tend to lock in on the most obvious suspect and concentrate on making a case, instead of keeping an open mind. Most times they are no doubt correct, but some real injustices occur when they are not. People on juries subconsciously or consciously for that matter, tend to believe the government only brings cases if they are pretty sure the defendant is guilty.
  9. I haven't heard of any "hard" evidence except for what was mentioned above. He can argue undoubtedly that he was fleeing the country because he felt that he was going to be wrongfully accused.

    Btw, here's a link to a NOW representative stating here support of a one murder charge. I find that just as baffling.
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