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  1. this cracker saw the light.
    he exposed the foul smelling pussies at 1600 penn ave.
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    i think the bush white house is a 100% disaster

    but i still think a press spokesman should keep his mouth shut

    if you think your client (the president) is unethical, quit at the moment you arrive at that decision and keep your mouth shut

    dont carry out evil deeds, then get rich writing a 'tell all' book
  3. McClellan is actually very much respected in the Evangelical Community.

    He also wrote that Rove and Bush used the Christian Right by promising things he knew were important to them (abortion, etc.), but that they also knew they had no plans on delivering - he actually spoke live about this during a few TV interviews.

    This will be very damaging to McCain's chances to draw out the Christian Base of the GOP in November.
  4. "cracker?" Are you a wigger?
  5. “I still like and admire President Bush,” McClellan writes.
  6. What's interesting is that the Bush's usually engender strong loyalty among current and former associates. McClellan has apparently calculated that he will no longer need any favorable consideration from the Bush's ever again.

    It's possible that he believes that history will judge Bush so poorly that Bush will have nothing to offer in the future in exchange for continued loyalty. In which case McClellan figured he had nothing to lose by witting the book and "pulling back the curtain" on this administration.
  7. Is anyone else as sick of these books as I am? It used to be ex-presidents wrote memoirs. Now guys who had a cup of coffee as press flacks are writing their "memoirs" and people are actually buying them and discussing them as though he has a clue. obviously, the only way a non-player like McClellan can get a big book deal is to promise to trash Bush and reveal dirt. So he does it.

    I'm not going to call him a prostitute or backstabbing ingrate, but I wouldn't argue with either description. As someone else posted, if you feel there is a lack of integrity, resign. Don't take the perks, then whine afterwards.
  8. the truth shall set ya free, crackers.
  9. McClellan worked for Bush from 1999 to 2006. That's hardly a "cup of coffee."

  10. Wanna talk about a cup of coffee....Tony Snow is a total cuppa...and (was) spin master on Fox.

    Poor dude is riddled with cancer now heart goes out to him.
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