scott mcclellan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by blackhorseshoe, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. he finally admitted that bush n cheney lied about cia agent valerie plame.
  2. not really... press secretary is just a paid liar... everyone knows that. have to be a real whore to do that job.

    scooter got a pardon when he was guilty as sin.... they all are. this aint over.
  3. does this mean bush is going to fire himself?
  4. McClellan is a liar. Always has been. No reason to believe him then. No reason to believe him now.
  5. notice that the facist news channel has not offer any coverage of this story. fnc is more concerned abt the rearrests of 3 men in the holloway case.
  6. Scooter... guilty? Not necessarily at all. I'd think <i>you</i> would be able to recognize that it's far more likely that Scooter was just the designated fall guy/sacrificial goat.

  7. no.. that was armitage that was the designated scape goat. scooter was the conduit for the info... cheney and bush are just as guilty. i would like to see all three brought up on treason charges. the fake niger uranium story doesn't lead to a very friendly destination. outing plame was bad enough... but fabricating a story to foment support for war is treason. the punishment will never compensate for the crime.

    you will start to see panic in the old ranks. things are changing at a pace we have never seen before. this is both good and bad... but ultimately good. it will force the hand of the old guard and all will see their true colors. if they continue to experience similar failures at some point they will abandon ship.
  8. even there... they dance around the truth. what a shame people don't recognize Fox news as just another tabloid rag.