Scott Barlow

Discussion in 'Trading' started by LondonUSTrader, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I was reading this book the other day that had interviews with Australia's top traders.

    I was rather interested in an interview with Scott Barlow, a well known FX trader in Sydney.

    His method fascinated me. Why?

    His edge was entirely his risk management model. He didn't even make his own entry decisions.

    He bought his Buy/Sell recommendations from different advisory services on various currencies and then applied his risk management model to them, which gave him his edge.

    The details of this were as follows:

    *33 pip stop loss
    *150 pip profit minimum (IE 4:1 RR) and sometimes more depending on his judgement when a large move was underway
    *Only trailing stop to breakeven after a certain point and never more than breakeven.
    *Never risk more than 1.5% of equity on any trade. I think his average was 1.24%
    *75% losers, only 25% winners

    I was fascinated by this as I have never heard of any traders outsourcing their entry decisions before. It seemed rather extraordinary to me that a successful trader could outsource his entry decisions and merely manage the trade.

    I thought this may be of interest to other traders.