Scorsese and DiCaprio Together again for Wolf of Wall Street

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    I donno if this is considered Wall St. news, but thought some of you all would be interested to read this. Looks like the upcoming book "Wolf of Wall Street" is being made into a movie directed by Scorsesse and starring Dicaprio. The story seems interesting and should be adapted greatly by these two.

    been a few years since we got a quality Wall Street story
  2. It's Wall Street News because it signal the top of the market.

    Every time a movie like this comes out, we have a correction.
  3. I suppose Leo and Marty will re-make The Godfather next.
    Or maybe put Leo is the jungle and re-make Apocalypse Now.
  4. no, they should try to top "Dr. Strangelove" at this point ;)
  5. errrr, I got licenesed there
  6. Umm, i have no idea what that means.

    To be fair, i havent seen a couple of the flicks dicaprio was in , mentioned on the site, but..............

    He still looks like he'd be a shoe in for something in an oliver twist rehash.

    He'd have to lose a lot of hair, or gain 60 pounds to be remotely beleivable in something like this, id have thought.
    Just an opinion.