Score One For America.

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  1. I am proud of this country today.

    If you are a believer in a free market, then you share my sentiments.

    Sometimes a forest must burn to grow bigger.
  2. I fully concur
  3. Adobian


    Big and loud "Cheers" !!!
  4. Conservative Republicans rule. The will of the people has spoken. Now watch the crooks try and turn it over.
  5. We need to stay vigilant and ALWAYS check our six!!!

    This CON JOB is not yet over!
  6. Giving credit where its due, 30% of the democrat seats shot the bill down.

    But yes.. I am never more CONSERVITAVE republican than I was today.
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  8. Awesome !!!!!!!!

    Finally a strike against Socialism !!!!!

    Now that's the American Kinda Stuff Everybody Loves !!!!!!!!

    True American's Have Balls !!!!

    Yeah, Yeah , Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ride On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell Obama Chavez to FUCK OFF !!!!!!
  9. And all the stupid left win liberals slowly start to realise that a ban on shortselling has little to do with market pricing.
  10. Yeah...

    That SS SEC Program is working like a charm !!!!!!!!!!!
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