Scolded by HR

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Aquarians, Jul 17, 2021.

  1. I'll put this here for entertainment.

    So we have this program to ease the "burden" of remote work by participating into a program of coffee / watercooler Zoom meetings where one is paired randomly with another colleague who happens to "walk by". I accidentally agreed to it coze I thought it's compulsory and company policy - but it's not. Half an hour once a week, how hard can it be?

    Was hardly interesting in the beginning till the interesting guys (like me ;) realized it's optional and started dropping out. So last rounds were entirely with interns which me, a hardened veteran, was finding increasingly difficult to justify spending time with. Still I thought, I'm helping them so might as well bite the bullet and sustain a 30 minutes conversation.

    This till last time, millenial biatc^H^H^Hwoman. Don't even remember what we talked, so unimportant was from my point of view. She felt offended and reported me to HR though.

    I remember telling her the team/technology she's currently interning for might not be the best bet on a long run. Not like resign today or even asking to be transferred to a bet^H^H^Hdifferent team. But keep it in mind as an option. And of course I might be wrong and she part of the best team of the best technology of the brightest future there is.