SCMagic gone, trojan'd?

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    WARNING: Sites mentioned in this post are potentially dangerous. Do not go to them if you're not prepared to handle the consequences

    Cleaning up some old bookmarks, I attempted to go to "www . scmagic . com", which used to have stuff related to converting to/from Sierra Charts files.

    This site now returns a page that redirects to "www . scmagic . org/English/Index.htm", which returns a 404 page not found error, which is fine - links often get stale.

    So, I went to just "www . scmagic . org". Again, don't do this unless.... The default page at this site is a piece of "wonderful", obfuscated, javascript hack, which ultimately attempts to open an IFRAME window to browse "brzgeni . com/ld/dx".

    This site then redirects to itself, which then redirects to "brzgeni . com/cgi-bin/index.cgi?dx", which then redirects to "for777daily . com/479/", which (finally!) is apparently a gambling site. This is if you are using FireFox 2. If, instead, you are using IE7, it sends you a different page with more obfuscated javascript to delight and destroy you.

    The "scmagic . com" domain record points to an address at as an admin contact, which looks reasonable enough, but "scmagic . org" is a recently updated Indonesian domain.

    Anyone know anything about this?
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    FWIW, both the initial page with the jscript hack and the exe that you eventually download will alert on various antivirus programs (using, but not ZoneAlarm, which uses CA's AV platform.