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  1. klans n crackers,
    the only way to save your souls is through understanding and practicing this philosophy.
  2. traderob


    What happened to Muhamed?
  3. hey man,
    if islam aint workin for ya, then ya got to try something else.
    look at tom cruise n john travolta.
  4. If anything, Tom Cruise should scare the hell out of anyone even considering involvement w/ Scientology. He has his little girlfriend so brainwashed, you just have to feel sorry for people like that.
  5. that's the plan; brainwash all ya whts n blacks.
  6. I want to be brainwashed.

    So what the heck is this scientology?

  7. Just follow whatever this guy writes.
  8. our ancestors are descendants of an alien race of superior powers. these aliens descended down to earth to create a race in their own iimages. picture the opening scene of 2001 space odyssey.
  9. So why weren't we given any of these superior powers? Why would anyone adopt a religion founded by a science fiction writer?
  10. Simple, we may become superior to them because we argue, we fight, we never submit, we...
    They are a scared bunch.
    They? They can't improve anymore while we are only at the beginning of the climb.
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