Scientists slowly proving the bible is right.

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    So now they have discovered that an area right around where the Garden of Eden was supposed to exist is an area where some of the earliest humans came from. What are the odds?

    But of course to cover their asses, they made sure to say this all happened 100,000 years ago, and even say that the area was swallowed up only 8,000 years ago, even though there is written account of it being there later.

    Its taking a while, but eventually science will become so accurate and undeniable, that we will prove the bible right.
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    I think you make these posts just for "shits and giggles". You get huge page view counts, and you keep stu and jem busy for days. ; )
  3. you really are not very bright are you? i guess its you church school education. you cant even seem to understand the stuff you post. i am not going to help you out. you are a valuable asset to et as a good laugh but here are some relevent parts:

    supported some of the earliest humans outside Africa some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago.

    out-of-Africa migration

    throughout the Late Pleistocene


    The most definitive evidence of these human camps in the Gulf comes from a new archaeological site called Jebel Faya 1 within the Gulf basin that was discovered four years ago. There, Hans-Peter Uerpmann of the University of Tubingen in Germany found three different Paleolithic settlements occurring from about 125,000 to 25,000 years ago. That and other archaeological sites, Rose said, indicate "that early human groups were living around the Gulf basin throughout the Late Pleistocene."

    To make an ironclad case for such human occupation during the Paleolithic, or early Stone Age, of the now-submerged landmass, Rose said scientists would need to find any evidence of stone tools scattered under the Gulf. "As for the Neolithic, it would be wonderful to find some evidence for human-built structures," dated to that time period in the Gulf, Rose said.

    Carter said in order to make for a solid case, "we would need to find a submerged site, and excavate it underwater. This would likely only happen as the culmination of years of survey in carefully selected areas."

    Cerny said a sealed-tight case could be made with "some fossils of the anatomically modern humans some 100,000 years old found in South Arabia."
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    Ahh, how could I have forgotten Free Thinker!? Sorry, mate.
  5. There was once upon a time where I believed peil also made these posts for shits and giggles. Over time you will come to realize that he actually believes 100% of what he posts...
  6. I think there needs to be a better definition of "human". Is it an ape-like nomad being or a civilized village society with a written history.
    The latter didn't start until about 7000BC. Right in line with creationism.

  7. So I take it from that you're going with the Rabbit out of a hat otherwise known as the ..."I ain't descended from no ape" line of reasoning.
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    you support science then?
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