Scientists see this flu strain as relatively mild

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  1. History is replete with examples of major issues that began innocuously enough and were left unattended for too long. Consider a disregarded losing trade that becomes an investment.
  2. Sorry pal, I use the facts only. The hysteria generated from the liberal media and senior members of the Obama administration has been borderline criminal.

    If you give losing trades more time once they hit the stop, then thats your trading style, not mine. Keep it to yourself, because it is a weak trading done by the undisciplined traders.

    Bottomline, do your own analysis and don't get caught up in the hype. I did, and my analysis has been a lot closer to the truth than this sensationalism that has been spewed from the media and government. A lot of posters have been drawn in, and they ended up looking pretty silly.
  3. this thing is complete bullshit

    200 pple died in a city of population 20 million.

    omg! the chances of getting knocked down by a car walking on mexican streets is much higher than this swine flu myth perpetuated by satan's son OBAMA
  4. The World Health Organization, headquartered in Geneva, is a member of the "liberal media?" Sure, you tell 'em what's what.

  5. Its not even 200, the confirmed death count stands at 8.
  6. Name one news outlet that the WHO owns and operates. Name one TV station, radio station, newspaper or internet news site that WHO runs. The closest you can come is On it was reporting 7 confirmed deaths, while the liberal media was reporting 152 confirmed deaths. Thats whats what. Don't you forget it, pal.
  7. In ordinary usage, skepticism or scepticism (Greek: 'óêÝðôïìáé' skeptomai, to look about, to consider; see also spelling differences) refers to:

    (a) an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or toward a particular object;
    (b) the doctrine that true knowledge or knowledge in a particular area is uncertain; or
    (c) the method of suspended judgment, systematic doubt, or criticism that is characteristic of skeptics (Merriam–Webster).

    Wow, it looks like Landis82 has once again put his foot right into his mouth. Nice job.
  8. Lucrum


    No small feat considering he has Obama's dick in his mouth 24/7.

    Be sure and swallow Landis82. You don't want any of Hussein's "DNA" on your skirt.
    It might come back to haunt him.

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