Scientists...Got it wrong again!

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  1. According to scientists Trilobites are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods that first came to the earth 540 million years ago and became extinct 250 million years ago...this is according to science.
    Then these were found in Russia recently and if you ever saw a trilobite fossil, its pretty obvious that these creatures are the same thing.

    So if scientists are wrong about the extinction of trilobytes, surely they could be wrong about when dinosaurs became extinct. If trilobites and man live together NOW...the surely dinosaurs and man could've also lived together like the bible (book of job) says they did.
  2. Dinosaurs and man did live together and they do live together to this day. The only difference is we don't call them dinosaurs today, today we call them birds.
  3. "The origin of birds has been a contentious topic within evolutionary biology for many years, but more recently a scientific consensus has emerged which holds that, in the phylogenetic sense, birds are a group of theropod dinosaurs that evolved during the Mesozoic Era. A close relationship between birds and dinosaurs was first proposed in the nineteenth century after the discovery of the primitive bird Archaeopteryx in Germany and has been all but confirmed since the 1960s by comparative anatomy and the cladistic method of analyzing evolutionary relationships. The ongoing discovery of feathered dinosaur fossils in the Liaoning Province of China has shed new light on the subject for both specialists and the general public.

    Birds share hundreds of unique skeletal features with dinosaurs, especially with derived maniraptoran theropods like the dromaeosaurids, which most analyses show to be their closest relatives. Although harder to identify in the fossil record, similarities in the digestive and cardiovascular systems, as well as behavioral similarities and the shared presence of feathers, also link birds with dinosaurs. The ground-breaking discovery of fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex soft tissue allowed comparison of cellular anatomy and protein sequencing of collagen tissue, both of which provided additional evidence corroborating the dinosaur-bird relationship.

    Only a few scientists still debate the dinosaurian origin of birds, suggesting descent from other types of archosaurian reptiles. Even among those who support dinosaurian ancestry, the exact phylogenetic position of early birds within theropods remains controversial. The origin of bird flight is a separate but related question for which there are also several proposed answers."
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    Can Scientists really learn though? Evolution theory has holes in it you can drive a truck through but nobody seems to notice.... I see very few posters here that get it that nothing at all is proven. I like to tell people that I know, that I've found that if I want to believe that God made everything a few thousand years ago, I don't really owe anybody any apologies on any level at all, not spiritual, not scientific, not psychological, not any level I've ever found. I do happen to believe that and basically it saves me millions of brain CPU cycles per day because I don't have to read evolution into everything...

    There are some interesting possibilities regarding the timeline that could be confusing the subject for scientists though. Before the Cesium clock was used in the measurement of the speed of light, the collection of all the measurements, crude as they were [and results were astonishingly accurate for such crude methods], within the error bands of the instruments, showed that the speed of light was slowing. It didn't stabilize until the introduction of the Cesium clock. I believe it quite possible that time is slowing somewhat exponentially and the Cesium clock is doing the same so "science" thinks that the speed of light is provably a constant..

    Science disregards everything that does not fit it's world view. The geologic column is calibrated by the strata, the strata is calibrated by the geologic column... that means it's entirely uncalibrated, it's "curve fitted".. and guess what they do with scientific measurements that don't fit their world view? They discard them of course. When they date things with radiologic or whatever methods they use, they throw out 80% of readings. People did studies on that, just how many readings are thrown out because they "can't be correct". It's all a huge joke.. I practically laugh out loud when I'm flipping TV channels and I hear somebody reporting about "millions of years ago.... " like it was factual. They are always so somber...

    Scientists find complete dinosaurs that are not fossilized... they find the actual bones and somehow they believe they are millions of years old and somehow the earth preserved a whole skeleton of a large dinosaur intact for that long... and the press releases never mention that it's not a fossil..... engineers have proven that the pressurized natural gas we get from the earth, trapped in rock, could not maintain the pressure for even ten thousand years let alone millions.. I don't need a whole lot of evidence to think that something could be totally bogus, I just go with the provable stuff, the notions where the evidence actually bears out the story, it's Occam's Razor applied....
  5. Umm, I am sympathetic, but if a trilobyte were found, it would not be hidden in a Russian paper. It would be one of the stories of the decade. It would be similar to someone saying that they found a Stegasaurus roaming in the Vietnam Jungle. There are no trilobytes on this planet.

    My guess, is some form of horseshoe crab:

  6. Dadburn it, Eight. Here we've spent almost 200 years, thousands of scientists from all areas of science, working millions of man-hours and spending millions of dollars building the case for evolution and all we had to do was come see you and we'd have a 'simple' explaination. You need to write a paper about this stuff !!

    If the scientists were/are 'wrong' they will soon correct their mistake: that is the glory and wonder of science.
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    Actually if they were/are wrong many of them will try to hide it. That is the glory and wonder of man.
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    Ah, now come on guys... Surely, you believe nothin' X nothin' = everything? :D
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    Yup,do you know what this also means?this means that a man can separate a sea,walk on water,rise from the dead.Stupid scientists.Religious zealots and morons unite in celebration.
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    So you're saying you disregard everything that doesn't fit your world view.

    um no, <s>Science</s> You are the one who disregards everything that does not fit your world view.

    Projecting your self-proclaimed religious pseudo-scientific shortfalls onto science, does not make science fall short.
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