Scientists genetically modified a mouse to be 4 percent human

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    But when will the research be safe to use on Trump?
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    would depend on the severity of the circumstances, logically and hopefully, very soon, or in other cases (of circumstances) on same person, logically and hopefully, never.

    what did u have in mind? Surrviving the virus? It's difficult to understand the depth of research being done in all areas of biotech. Someone more qualified in that area is likely busy, somewhere else, without much time or interest in trading markets. It sounds like it might be a more fun, challenging and productive use of time and energy, than trading.
  4. it's called the frankenstein creatig monsters, they made a movie about this and a movie about a 'possible' viral outbreak.
    In the movie, there was a vaccine and everyone lived happily ever after

    reality is stranger than fiction and more horrible and scary.
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  5. There is a purpose to those experiments but I do hope they keep everything under tight control.