Scientists discovered a potential Cure All for cancer

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  1. A Japanese researcher made the same discovery in the 1990's. He was given a dozen people that were beyond terminal, gave them some injections over a few months' time and nearly all were alive many years later.. it was the same principle, that cancer cells trick the immune system into not recognizing them.

    Until Big Pharma can turn a profit off of this it will just be a footnote in history, such is the state of Medical Fascism.
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    Because the literal cure for cancer won't make the ANY money for the initial entrant?
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    The initial entrant should make quite a bit of money, you'd think...? But the question is if everyone is cured how do people continue to make money off of the drug.

    This is incredibly promising research and I certainly hope that for the good of humanity, we can get past the dollar signs and do what's right for all of us. If the cures are real, big pharma companies won't be able to keep them under wraps for long. I have had friends who have struggled with cancer in the past and it's a terrible thing to have :(.
  4. What is ever decided for the good of humanity? In the US of A I can think of very little and all of it comes under the heading of "cleaning up a disaster for humanity caused by irresponsible greed".

    We have to keep our health freedoms.
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    "This is great news... but the details are still vague. I wish I could find some more data on what exactly CD47 does as it's a good concept. If you can have the body's natural system fight off the cancer cells that would seem to be the best approach."
  6. ah, scientists?
    so we can be sure it does not work or even make things worse.

    no need to discover cures, nature already has them since millions of years.

    such is the stupidity of western nations.
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    Funny you typed this out on a computer... and posted it via the internet.