Scientists ask: Is technology rewiring our brains?

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  2. I've often believed that the next evolutionary stage in human development is that long term memory will be "outsourced" to computer storage. We see tastes of it already. Imagine the power of the companies (Read: Google) that control these tiny details and their ability to manipulate historical "facts".
  3. When the brain spends more time on technology-related tasks and less time exposed to other people, it drifts away from fundamental social skills like reading facial expressions during conversation, Small asserts.

    So brain circuits involved in face-to-face contact can become weaker, he suggests. That may lead to social awkwardness, an inability to interpret nonverbal messages, isolation and less interest in traditional classroom learning.


    They're researching mainstream effects. I think this issue has already been proven re too much porn esp in adolescence.
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    Scientists ask: Is technology rewiring our brains?

    Of course it is. Everything you do rewires your brain. Any repetitive activity including, say, pattern recognition in trading is establishing neural pathways in support of the activity. The more pattern recognition that person does the more pathways accumulate. Thats how people become good at things.

    The amazing part to me has always been the profound effect that physical activity has on the brain. Its a fact that increased athletic activity causes a slight diminishment of math capability. You become, in effect, less intelligent as your brain rewires slightly for sports.

    When I was an undergraduate electrophysics student I found myself getting my ass kicked pretty good towards the end of my second year. Instead of taking summer courses I took the summer off and went to a friends house in Seattle and just rode my bicycle 6 days a week about 40 miles per day. No other responsibility. Towards the end of the summer I was monstrously strong but I could feel that I probably lost a little higher math ability. My brain basically took a break from the math and wired up for other stuff.

    When I returned to school in the fall I just flat out began to dominate my classes and kicked butt all the rest of the way through. It really illustrated for me how important it is to work out, daily. It gives your mind a short rest and maintains neural connections for sports that keep you in balance. I kind of get the scholar/athlete thing after that. Traders should workout.
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    Heck yeah, people must exercise, I'm pretty sure that the connection between exercise and brain health is well established. Getting brain nutrients is essential as well, eat a handful of raw walnuts before retiring every night, cut down on red meat and dairy [wrong kinds of Omega3's] and get fish oil Omegas, supplement Phosphatidylserine or get it from sardines, but sardines are high in iron so you have to be exercising a LOT to burn off the iron, just find any brain nutrient you possibly can and get plenty of it, blueberries even, and you will be surprised how much better things can get... that and mild exercise and you will be good to go.. the normal person might take six months to realize the total effects but some change will be noticeable in only a few days..