Science Streak ?

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  1. For some reason I see these things flash in front of me and no notice is taken it seems. But media is tricky with the internet. I guess one can choose what one wants to see. Always a fun thing.

    Today Alziemers. (University de laval)
    Leaps have been made !

    Alzhimers leaps and at least one other has been in Canada. I guess there is no money in selling cures to previously repeat customers. But there is money in developing cures.

    Hadron Collider.
    It was supposed to be a miracle if we could discover the higgs god particle. Heck, Cerns device it self is impressive let alone its discovery's

    Quantum physics. WOW what a time to be living !

    I don't see any excitement. Maybe its just cause I don't watch TV any more and excitement is hard to gauge in written articles?

    I realize that people are so occupied (as I should be) that If you tell them science has proven through logic and test studys that if one stops working and instead does what they actually want to do they will be better off. People will be too busy working to take note !

    I'm still in shock the world is not round! Miracals happen. We just have a habit of finding a way to make it logical even if it means changing logic itself. If Jesus was reserected we would find a way to explain it the next day.

    It was considered at one time that the existence of the Higgs boson was proof that god exists, hence the name "the god particle"

    Instead we out source our belief. We simply trust the scientist and the scientist trust in god.