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    I am going to start a new thread on what imo is relevant science news related to markets.

    Coal->Gasoline cheaply. This is why we need a pollution tax. If you don't, existing (polluting) fuels will continue to outperform cleaner sources of energy.

    On a side note, I wonder what temperature is required to do this. I mean, can I take some coal, and put it in water, and cook it on my grill and I get gasoline that I can put in my car? In other words, can I make my own gasoline? Does it make sense financialy? Coal is usually worth ~ $50 for 1 pound. How much gasoline (say 89 octane) can I make with that?
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  4. They can make coal fired plans virtually pollution free now.

    I posted this in chit chat a few weeks ago but here is a repost. This appears to be the future to me until zero point energy is pried out of the military labs.

    " -- Underground nuclear power plants no bigger than a hot tub may soon provide electricity for communities around the world. Measuring about 1.5 meters across, the mini reactors can each power about 20,000 homes."
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  6. From that article:
    The relationship between two assets can never be captured by a single scalar quantity," Wilmott says. For instance, consider the share prices of two sneaker manufacturers: When the market for sneakers is growing, both companies do well and the correlation between them is high. But when one company gets a lot of celebrity endorsements and starts stealing market share from the other, the stock prices diverge and the correlation between them turns negative. And when the nation morphs into a land of flip-flop-wearing couch potatoes, both companies decline and the correlation becomes positive again. It's impossible to sum up such a history in one correlation number, but CDOs were invariably sold on the premise that correlation was more of a constant than a variable.

    As Li himself said of his own model: "The most dangerous part is when people believe everything coming out of it."

    This part of the article is interesting. The "constant" was house prices will always go up. But it was not constant.
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