Sci, Meta, and Trading 2: Philosophy and Trading

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  1. With the previous thread down the hole... here's another attempt to make a thread but with a bit more narrow topic. I was suggested by another ETer for another thread similar to the one before so let's see how this one goes... Hope this lasts for a day...


    Science and Meta-physics is a very subjective matter in my opinion. It is what it is and what "may" be...

    But trading is an objective act, we apply the subjective ideas to our own objective needs just how technology's basis is science and trading's basis is the market.

    It's a simple philosophy... well...

    Any thoughts to the statement above?
  2. Also, we can get into Zen with the objectiveness and subjectiveness being as one but let's keep off that topic for now...
  3. Jabberwocky?

    Beware the Jaberwock, my son!


    Seriously though Gann, I think you need to be a little more specific about what exactly you want to discuss in this thread...

    PEACE and good-trading,
  4. Is there someone around better skilled in physics who may be able to correct my memory of a particular physics experiment I read about and who is able to go into better detail ?

    The particular physics experiment I am referring to involved a particle being shot at another particle and the collission caused the second particle to split up (??). The newly created particle was sometimes visible as an object and sometimes as an energy wave.

    My recollection is that we were told that the involvement of the experimenter as an observer (standing outside the sealed glass container in which the experiment took place) contributed to the particular outcome by the mere fact of his observation (??).

    Sorry if this sounds like gobblethegook, I am not a physicist.


  5. this is ridiculous for god sakes how in the world will you ever connect this to trading? :confused:
  6. "GANN" i can't make any sense of this. do you have any formal training in science or philosophy? (other than the dubious distinction of having read close to 100 books on such topics as astrology)
  7. LongShot said : "this is ridiculous for god sakes how in the world will you ever connect this to trading?"

    Glad you asked LongShot.

    What makes this experiment interesting is the implication that an independant observer could have an influence in the outcome of an independant event.

    Now if that is not relevant then nothing is.

  8. hmmm do you really think those two little particles can help you trade better?
  9. >>hmmm do you really think those two little particles can help you trade better<<

    Stop ruining this thread Long(on rubbish)Short(on brains).

    If you really want to know the answer I suggest you ask your
    learned friend Saynt.

    I will now place you on 'Ignore' so you can stop bothering sending some more of your annoying ignorant posts.

  10. Particle Accelerator...

    They have different types...

    Anyways... I have finally seen the light...

    All this talk is BS... it's all about the bling bling and chromed out rims...

    Peace Y'all
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