Schwarzzznegger begging for help

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  1. From the land of grossly overpriced houses (earthquakes ya know) and endless illegal immigrants, not to mention pot smoking hippies, comes a begger

    Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) -- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying his state is going broke, declared a fiscal emergency and ordered the incoming class of lawmakers into a special session to fix a widening $11 billion deficit.
  2. One word - Education

    46 billion dollars of state funds spent on k-12 education

    13.5 billion dollars of state funds spent on higher education.

    Ready for the kicker?

    Total funds spent on k-12 is 68 billion
    total funds spent on higher education is 37 billion.

    Now listen to this...University of CA gets 19 billion of that 37 billion. UC has 216,000 students nationwide. So that means it gets about $88,800 per student per year!

    Community college is a bit better...2.3 million students and 7 billion dollars which is like $3,000 per student.

    When UC can afford to pay 250k or 350k for football coaches and B.S. like that, that is wasteful spending. If those coaches want more money, let them get paid by the NFL if they are good enough. Otherwise give them 50k per year.
  3. they should have elected a real statesman like the Hulk!

    what were they thinking?
  4. $88,000 per student?! Cal sounds like a good deal!
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    Calif is so messed up, liberals running everything, it's been like that for decades.. back in the 50's it was a conservative state, even then it was not run very well...