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  1. Is in a posh suburb of the San Francisco East Bay this weekend called "Blackhawk" where people are paying $1,000 ( as a campaign contribution ) to attend. For $10,000, you get to sit at Ahnald's Table.

    Gee, I thought that Scwarzenegger had $300 million and didn't need any campaign contributions. . .


    So far, all the guy does is tell us CALEE-4-NIUNS what is wrong with the State. He has yet to tell us any kind of a plan or roadmap that he has, aside from taking 60 days to do an audit of the State's budget, which is pretty absurd since you don't need to be a rocket-scientist to figure out that there is MORE MONEY BEING SPENT THAN IS COMING IN!!!

    He almost sounds like Jesse Ventura.
    Elect me now, and I will figure things out once I get into office.

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    Yeah, I agree with you that it sucks he's playing the raise money game, but I suppose with how much it costs to run ads and all that I wouldn't want to be paying out of my own pocket either. I'd still take him over any career politician, though.

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    Terminator the new governor of Cali.
    that's what I like about USA:eek: :eek: :D
  5. Hey you Californians:

    Did Arnie snuff out the business with his father's wartime service? Thought I read they were going to pop him with that. Didn't the Kennedys vet him pretty good on that issue years ago before they gave him the nod on Shriver for a wife?

    Whose going to win when all is said and done?

    Where's the smart money going?

    Is that porno star still campaigning?

    Come on, gimme some dirt here.

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    bustamante might take it w/the labor union/hispanic vote, he's lined up favorably against Arnold w/business support...

    though i'm not in california, but watching with interest, eating popcorn here, should be a fun show..

    i want arnold to win, if he can help the state's business environment..

    heck I might even move back to california for a year or two if the taxes, smog, crime, gangs. drug problems and pollution goes away .... lol