Schwarzenegger plan would close 220 Calif. parks

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    $400 million dollars to run over 250 parks, deficit $24 Billion dollars, they have to do alot more than just close 220 parks.

    Why did it take california to get into a deficit of $24 Billion to act so quick now, I mean didnt anyone see this type of outrageous problem as it was happening......

    Schwarzenegger plan would close 220 Calif. parks

    By SAMANTHA YOUNG, Associated Press Writer Samantha Young, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 37 mins ago

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget cuts could mean the closing of up to 220 state parks, among them the home of the world's tallest tree and other attractions that draw millions of visitors.

    Schwarzenegger this week recommended eliminating $70 million in parks spending through June 30, 2010. An additional $143.4 million would be saved in the following fiscal year by keeping the parks closed.

    "This is a worst-case scenario," said Roy Sterns, a spokesman at the state parks department. "If we can do less than this, we will try. But under the present proposal, this is it."

    Among the parks that could be closed, the parks department said Thursday, are Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay, Will Rogers' Southern California ranch and Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which boasts the world's tallest tree, a giant that tops 370 feet. Even the Governor's Mansion in Sacramento is on the list.

    The Legislature last year rejected the governor's proposal to close 48 state parks. But lawmakers said that with California's budget deficit now at $24.3 billion, the situation is so dire that it is likely some parks will close.

    "Things that were previously dead on arrival are a lot more viable in a crisis like this," said Democrat Jared Huffman, chairman of the Assembly's parks and wildlife committee. "I think some cuts are coming to the parks, and they'll be cuts I won't like and the public won't like."

    The state parks department said a $70 million cut would leave it with enough money to run just 59 of California's 279 state parks.

    The state's famed park system attracts nearly 80 million visitors a year. William Randolph Hearst's Castle on the Central Coast and a dozen other so-called moneymakers would remain open, as would many Southern California beaches that attract millions of visitors year round.

    But others that could close include: Fort Ross State Historic Park, the southernmost Russian settlement in North America; Bodie State Historic Park, one of the best-preserved Old West ghost towns; and Big Basin Redwoods, the oldest state park.

    The proposal has angered conservationists and some Democrats in the Legislature, who say California's parks are treasured spots that help the state and local economy.

    "State parks draw tourism to California," State Parks Foundation president Elizabeth Goldstein said. "This proposal makes the budget situation worse."

    The foundation estimates the state gets a $2.35 return for every dollar it spends on parks.

    California spends roughly $400 million a year running 279 state parks and beaches, with roughly a third of the money coming from the state general fund. The rest comes from user fees, which account for slightly more than a quarter of the revenue; bond funds; gasoline taxes; federal money; and other sources.

    Assembly Minority Leader Mike Villines said the state cannot afford to subsidize state parks when lawmakers are being asked to make severe cuts in even more vital areas.

    "Parks are just not going to be a priority over public safety and education, as much as we hate to see them close," Villines said.

    At least 2,000 park rangers, biologists, lifeguards, interpreters, architects and maintenance workers would be laid off if the proposal is adopted, said Sterns, the parks spokesman.

    The layoffs would be in addition to 5,000 state positions the governor has already recommended cutting.

    "When you cut that much, you have to let go highly trained teams of biologists that you can't get back in a year or two," Huffman said. "It's a myth to think you can mothball the entire system. These cuts will cripple the park system for a decade or more."
  2. WTF. This is just stupid. Why not just jack the fees? Damn I was planning on visiting again this summer for a couple of weeks. I want to go to Yosemite, but that is a big draw so I can't see them dropping that one. I say Arnie bluffing to get Fed funds.

    Post edit : Ok I just looked closer. Big Basin that's sad. It's really beautiful. I mountain biked it in college.

    I stil say he is bluffing.
  3. Easy...nationalize the state parks. Then have no fees on guns(weapons) in those parks provided in the new bill.. And then invest the entire CALPERS endowment in Wachenhut

    Problem solved.

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    The $100 Bil. Obama wants to give to the IMF to help other countries could solve this and a lot of other problems here.

    The $50 Bil. Congress gave to African nations last summer to battle AIDS could have been cut and the bulk used to help America.

    How much other foreign aid are we sending to countries who hate us?
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    Remember folks, The Terminator is genuinely for not to create but rather to destroy. So please no more complaint. :D
  6. 2 Trillion to Iraq?
  7. Disgusting. I camp at Emerald Bay SP 4x a year and visit Humboldt SP as well. It saves two months worth of debt service by closing the parks.
  8. Its ridiculous what Arnold is doing. He is selling off assets and closing streams of income which is what he should not be doing. If parks are not generating enough income to pay for themselves, its because they have too many employees. Seriously...Yosemite is like 20 bucks to get in and there is always a line of cars waiting to get in there. All they really need is a guy to collect the entrance fee, and a few janitors to empty garbage cans when they get full. I was there last year and you know what they were doing? Building more roads and widening other roads. Did they need to do that? no. The roads were fine, you dont need perfect roads in yosemite or wide roads because then people just drive faster and someone gets hurt.

    What he needs to do is cut education. Did you know that the schools get between 200-250k for every class of about 25-30 kids? (I think the pay is around $32 per kid if i remember right.)

    Cutting education though is political suicide. You do that, and your career is over. Doesnt matter if thats the best thing for the people because they dont want to hear it. They want all their education money and more.
  9. Just curious, does it say "Mildly Retarded" on the back of your drivers license?
  10. But remember its about wining hearts and minds!:D I am all for helping others, more so than many here, but when times are tough sorry you have to take care of your own first.
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