Schwarzenegger: Obama will win in 2012

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Will Obama will win in 2012?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger predicted that President Barack Obama will win re-election in two years, especially if the Republican Party re-takes control of the House of Representatives in the November midterm elections.

    "I assume that Obama will get a second term in office," Schwarzenegger said in an interview with DER SPIEGEL, the German news magazine. He said he doesn’t believe the GOP will succeed in finding a viable candidate who can beat Obama in 2012.
  2. so far there is not a viable republican. sarah is a moron. i used to think newt would be good but he went wacko religious on us. mitt rommney is cabable but he wears majic underwear so the right wing republicans will reject him. who else?
  3. 2012 is long way to go. Only God knows who will survive and who will not.
  4. Lucrum


    Is there ever?

    At this point I'd give BO a 50/50 chance.
    Although a lot can happen in two years, good and bad.
  5. Yes. The ones that liberals feel agrees with them.
  6. Tragically, Obama could win in '12.

    Even with a House majority and perhaps a Senate one too, the Republicans are unlikely to get anything "done" at all... except perhaps stop funding for Obamacare/Tyranny law.

    In the '12 election, Obama will be able to say, "The Republicans had the Congress, but unemployment didn't improve and nothing got done". (He won't bother to say he stonewalled all Republican efforts with his veto pen... but half of Americans won't grasp the significance of that fact.)

    If Obama wins in '12, and the Dems regain both houses with 60 in the Senate, we can all just bend over and kiss our asses goodbye.. for America as we've known it. We will have gone 'FULL COMMIE'!

  7. Relax guys. Obama won't run.
  8. Thanks.
  9. Hopefully, the '12, election won't be about "which Repub candidate is viable against Odumba". ELMER FUDD should be able to win against him... as we should be "voting against all things Odumba" and all who support him...