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    Pretty cool platform they just launched-been only playing it for a couple of hours. Lots of new stuff that was lacking in earlier platforms such as redrawing templates for each timeframe now can be done with just one click tabs in the chart itself.

    I ll wait a few days and test it during market hours to see how good it is before I make my opinion but it does look promising.

    Just starting this thread to share the good and the bad if others use it too.
  2. Is this the replacement for Street Smart Pro, which itself was a feeble replacement for CyberTrader?

    Do SSPro layouts, etc migrate?
  3. I do 95% of my trading with IB, and used SSPro for charts. Just setup SS Edge today, so haven't had an active days use.

    Immediately, I like:

    1) Windows snap to edges. It was tedious/frustrating getting the windows to all align in SSPro.

    2) Can save layout to Schwab server. I've always had to make sure I had the latest layout file since changes with me when I traveled. Hopefully, this will work like IB's save to server.

    Doesn't seem like you can load settings from SSPro, but I may be mistaken.
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    the files are different-you cant load from SSPRO but you can run both at same time-its not replacing sspro. SSPro stays , for now. What it means now is instead of a max 20 charts like in sspro you can have as many as you want-i run 16 at a time and was using 3 layout to cycle between 48 charts-now Edge has tab for saving layout and switching between them so u can take it easy as far as charts are concerned.

    So far the bigggest pros I find are
    Annotations on chart-this is a biggie for me personally, when you draw a trendline or support or resistance line u can write if its a major weekly support, or say write 2008 lows etc

    tools are snapped right to charts-u can either right click or pick from box

    layouts are tabbed

    easier drawing tools-u can draw much faster than u could in sspro

    Only con is its very resource intensive-running it on dual core while i build a quad core and I think that will be stretched to limit too
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    I save one layout to server one local-redundancy sake.

    Never liked IB ( fellow trader uses it)-schwab has always had shares to short even during 2008's volatility and much stable during volatile periods such as fed announcements etc. Been with schwab for over 4 years love the customer service and never had any issues with platform-I ve for ToS too but not so easy to use that one.
  6. SS Pro at its core is still a fighter jet.

    SS Edge at its core is the goodyear blimp.

    The market is a war of you versus them.

    You can take the goodyear blimp to battle.

    I'll take the fighter jet.
  7. On the charts, does anyone know how to get rid of the calendar bar at the bottom of each chart? It takes about 5% of the chart space away...
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    dont think u can, i might be wrong

    the watchlist cant be doubleclicked to load symbol, u got to right click and load it.

    So far I am liking it

    I'll take the fighter jet

    As far as jet and a blimp are concerned schwab lets u have both :) maybe u didnt read that part
  9. We couldn't figure this out either during our testing. I would be very surprised is an option for removal is not rolled out in a future update.
  10. You know, I just don't get the point of these endless "upgrades", not to call Schwab out because they all do it. Schwab actually is better than most at leaving a platform alone.

    The thing is, Schwab had the best platform years ago, CyberTrader, and dumbed it down when they merged Cyber into SSPro. I was told they did it to conserve bandwidth, which makes sense only to a corporate beancounter who knows nothing about trading or branding your company. They should have just reserved the Cyber platform for active traders or charged a hefty fee for it if you didn't do enough volume. They would have owned the remote trader market, instead they gave it to IB.
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