SChork Energy report full of errors!

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  1. I ordered a free trial of the schork energy report. They charge like 500 bucks a month to regurgitate known news and S/R letters.. the newsletter was full of typos..
    Here are the e-mails I sent them

    1.this is my first report and it seems like you guys had a huge typo in the first paragraph!! you said natty was in the toilet, but that DID prevent someone from buying 9 million worth of 10 jan /feb 2010 calls... i am guessing by your use of the word but..and the contrarian tone.... that you were trying to say DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! .. For the price you charge this is really sloppy.. i should not have to decipher what you really mean.. a simple re reading of this newsletter would have easily fixed this problem. I hope in the next days letter in bold typ eyou apologize for such a gross error! anyway I am on a free trial with you, but now is the time to shine and so far for the price you charge... I am not impressed with a typo of large proportions.. it was not just a mispelled word but the entire context came across as a bearish 9 million bet when in actuality it was bullish.. anyway .. i like the format. But i hope this is not a common occurence
    2. Seriously. is this run by a high school class or an illegal immigrant who does not know proper English or is your editor just plain sloppy drunk. Another typo..last sentence under Residual Fuel OIL!!!!!!! were should be WHERE.. now I a mnot chargin anyone so I can have all the typo's I want.. but seriously if it is this easy to regurgitate known news and support resist.. levels in a nice format and charge 500 bucks plus a month then I am goinng to quit trading and start regurgitating.. you guys should be ashamed!! i hope the next report is better or else I am going to view you guys as the enquirer of oil newsletters.. please .. please post my e-mails to your staff so they will tighten up this report.. wow.. I am blown away with this.. my first report .. with typos and out of context statements with exclamation points.. good luck...
    3. Well well well.. i finally finished this little pamphlet of errors, and I thought i was going to be most impressed with your information
    on the IBIS BIRD.. The one the other animal slook to for leadership.. funny thing is you say verbatim.. the ibis is the last bird to leave before a hurricane.. well if this is the case then why in the hell would anyone folow this bird.. wouldn't you want to follow the first bird to sense danger!!!!!!!!! obviously this bird is the last one to the hurricane party!! No leadership.. yet you misunderstand this and say he is a leader because he is the first one back to the beach when the trouble is over.. my guess is he goes back during the eye and gets killed by the other half of the storm.. anyway .. i saw the owners profile and he looks young and probably does not proof read his companies work or really think deeply about what he prints.. I am sure he never misses a penny that is paid to him or owed, but he has no porblem printing typos and calling the last bird to leave before trouble a leader.. well after seeing my third GROSS ERROR in judgement on this letter.. I am happy to REPORT to you that .. 3 strikes you are out. No need to dend me anymore free Ibis Bird Shit. Good Luck.. the ibis is the last bird to shit on the beach before the storm and the first bird to shit on the beach after the storm... I am not looking for a leader who is the first to CRAP OUT! I want one who rolls solid dice and hits the POINT before all others. Good day to you and I do not know how you sleep at night charging such an outlandish price for a newletter that when printed will end up at the bottom of my bird's cage!
    anyone else heard of them or actually subscribed?
  2. You are seriously imbalanced dude.

    Go see a professional and get help.

    And pls stop posting this nonsense until you do.