Schools vs prisons

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  1. Here is one for you atheists out there.

    Schools & Prisons are both government run institutions. One prohibits reading the bible within its walls, the other encourages reading the bible within its walls. I hear atheists always up in arms about how we have to have separation of church and state, but I've never seen one atheist comment about how we have to get the bibles out of prisons.

    So how come when kids read the bible its "dangerous" but prisoners reading the bible its "rehabilitation"?

    Ironic isnt it?
  2. man. who educated you? who ever told you that a kid cant read a bible in school?
  3. Erm, not that I have a view on bibles in schools, but the difference between schools and prisons (in spite of them both being government run) is obvious. One houses children, the other one adults. The rest follows logically...

    It's precisely as ironic as society having a different attitude to sex with minors, as opposed to sex between consenting adults.
  4. Don't you find it a little coincidental, that when they took the bible out of school is about the same time our prison population started getting out of control? Maybe if they read the bible when they were kids, they wouldn't be in prison as adults.
  5. The article said "He didn't give any sermons or yell or scream… just sharing his faith with other students. That was it,"

    So let me ask you you think there would've been a problem if it was a kid talking about a harry potter book with other students?

    In fact...lets say a kid stood on a soapbox during lunchtime and started "preaching" about how harry potter is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Do you think there would've been ANY issue whatsoever? Do you think the kid would've been suspended for that?

    I rest my case.
  6. Good, simple, and obvious answer. Adults who have committed crimes are probably better off reading anything, even the bible, instead of just sitting in prison vegetating.
  7. So you are saying that because they are adults and not children there is no problem? Then "logically" there should be no problem if the president encouraged and supplied the entire white house with bibles, making sure every congressman had one and always encouraged him to read it, right?

    It seems to me that people don't want the bible in their lives until shit gets out of control.
  8. oh I don't know about that,The "SAS handbook" might not be a good idea.
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