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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by LloydH, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. LloydH


    My video is a completely truthful and honest review of the James Wave trading. I offer my opinions and experiences with to whomever may be interested to hear my experience.

    Watch my review here : *removed by admin*

    Please comment or vote, this is now the 4th thread I have added on this subject. I would ask ET moderators to please contact me and explain the reason why this thread cannot remain public?
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Ok, here's a couple reasons right off the top of my head:

    First of all, the content of your post/video is being disputed by the company you are bashing. When we receive complaints about posts or threads being defamatory, we remove them and let the parties fight it out on their own through the court system or other means.

    The other major reason is that it's obvious you're on a soapbox and you have absolutely nothing else to talk about on these boards. You've been a member for over a month and you have not submitted a single post related to trading in any forum whatsoever. Not one.

    So in summary, if the only reason you are here is to bash a vendor, then you need to find somewhere else for that activity because I don't have time to deal with them complaining about your posts on a daily basis.
  3. FINALLY...somebody has responded from this site...

    The reference to "bashing'' and "bash'' is somewhat melodramatic to say the least.

    Besides the fact that the OP had not contributed to other threads may be a reasonable issue, but you have an issue; others who have contributed extensively to other threads provided valuable input to the deleted threads referred to here.

    So the cry baby , SchoolofTrade , claims to be have been defamed...

    If it was a genuine claim it would be reasonable to expect an attorney informing this site of the client's concerns...Instead all this fraudulent phantom trader has done is made personal pleas/complaints to various forums ,including Elite Trader, suggesting that SoT was "defamed" ,an unwarranted claim.

    Naturally, as principal of this site, you made no effort to review the content of the OP's submission, because it would be of no benefit to you as there were 2 sponsors on your site that were unwittingly involved in this charlatan's misrepresentations.

    The SchoolofTrade thread should be maintained for the benefit of all readers. Nothing stated by the OP , or in fact, any other contributor was inaccurate in the deleted threads...a rare commodity on this site:p .(pun intended)

    The evidence is clear...Joseph James is a charlatan ,by legal definition ,and the facts support this claim.

  4. joe4422


    All you need to do to see the original thread is to search this in google: & James Wave fraud

    it comes up as the first entry. Just click ( cached ) and you'll see the orignal post. Remember google caches things, even if they have been deleted.
  5. Thanks ,Joe:cool:
  6. fwiw: I've spent a lot of time over the past few months examining message boards for a pending project that has nothing to do with trading or financial markets.

    Some of the boards I have researched (non-trading) are similar size while others are much bigger traffic than ET via quantcast comparison. None of them would tolerate one iota of the blatant flaming and bitchfest drivel that Baron lets slide here. I can list at least one dozen boards here that are as big or several times bigger than ET that would zap any of those threads and ban the user forever, no question.

    As Baron said, message boards don't exist as expose' sites to air out dirty laundry complaints. Do you think the boards at or Field&Stream would let anonymous hunters post stuff about fraudulent outfitters that supposedly ripped them off for $5k to $10k hunting trips? Not hardly. That is not why message boards exist.

    Baron is much more tolerant than any other BB operator I've yet to see. Be thankful for what he let slide already.
  7. Jesus has arrived..!!!.

    This forum is about trading,which incorporates many facets as is evident by the number of section offered by the site.

    It also, by the use of freedom of speech, allows a contributor to make a legitimate claim where the vendor is misrepresenting a product for personal gain...legitimate in this case being evidence...not innuendo,not speculation...the facts speak for themselves .

    The vendor has neither made any attempt to defend their position nor dispute the statements published, especially the video, which describes in complete detail the misrepresentation of the product being offered....

    It is reasonable that this information be offered to a trading forum as it will benefit "newbies" and experienced traders from paying a substantial amount of money for a completely bogus trading package.

    Austip, you are a good trader from what I understand , so surely it would gaul you that a vendor will offer a heap of garbage on the unsuspecting individuals, who are simply trying to get a leg in the door of the trading arena.

    That is precisely what this galah is doing.

    Now , back to your project:D
  8. I would be the first to flog anyone who proclaims trading is anything other than a learned craft that takes time, effort, time, effort, work, study and personal accountability. I'm on record many times saying that attempts to follow someone else' live trades in a room setting is 100% failure waiting to happen.

    So we agree on all that.

    The only point I made was, online forums are not a venue for waging war on vendors. To expect Baron or any webmaster to get involved with that and back either side is unreasonable. Why should Baron or any webmaster take heat on a topic thread that may result in litigation hassles? Put yourselves in his place for a moment: how would you handle the whole thing?

    Personally I'd nuke the threads, warn all sides to leave it alone or take it up elsewhere and ban anyone who failed to heed those warnings.

    Not to mention, this kind of stuff always seems often seems to come from people with less than 20 posts or so. "Gee, I am Mr. ShillNot. What do others think about system ????"
  10. Trader Zones may have me on his ignore list, but generally he makes some good points. However, this is a completely different issue and it is unlikely that Trader Zones read any of the 3 deleted threads as he would have commented related to the "shill" aspect...

    The OP was not and is not a shill.

    And while I am at can only create a negative image by operating and acting in such a manner.

    In this particular instance, Joseph James of SchoolofTrade, did that all by himself with his phantom trade as described on the video.

    His words....his actions....his mispresentation of the product for financial gain...and the evidence is irrefutable.

    To suggest that Joseph James has been defamed in this instance is , to be polite:p , not accurate.

    #10     Mar 18, 2010
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