School says Students’ Use of “USA USA” Chant is Racist

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  1. School says Students’ Use of “USA USA” Chant is Racist
    By Todd Starnes/TWITTER
    March 7, 2012

    A Texas school district has filed a complaint alleging that students from a rival school engaged in racism by chanting “USA, USA” at a basketball game. The students involved in the incident were reprimanded and forced to apologize.

    The San Antonio Independent School District filed the complaint with the University Interscholastic League, the governing body for athletics in Texas. They allege that students at Alamo Heights High School began chanting “USA, USA” after they defeated Edison High School to win a region basketball championship.

    Edison’s team is predominantly Hispanic, said Leslie Price, a spokesperson for the San Antonio ISD.

    “The implication as they are not American citizens,” Price told Fox News. “We understand competiveness and rivalry, but you need to choose your words and think about the meaning behind them.”

    Price said she believes the “USA, USA” chant was racially motivated.

    “It was chanted selectively at a school that is predominantly Hispanic and there was understanding of that,” she said.

    Price said the school district was bombarded with a number of people who found the “USA, USA” chant to be “very disrespectful.”

    “That might be chanted at international soccer games,” she said. “But this is not a chant that these students chant at all of their basketball games. It was selective.”

    According to local news accounts, the chanting occurred immediately after Alamo Heights won the championship. It lasted about five seconds before the head coach ordered the students to stop.

    Alamo Heights ISD Superintendent Kevin Brown told that he had apologized to San Antonio ISD officials.

    “Unfortunately, after the game, we had a handful of students who made a bad decision and we’re very sorry it happened,” Brown told the newspaper. “They made a mistake and we’re going to use this as a learning experience.”

    Price said it’s not the first time their students have been victims of insensitive chants. Last year students at another school chanted “USA, USA” and “Arizona.” It happened during the national discussion on Arizona’s controversial immigration bill.

    The school district’s athletic director, Gil Garza, told the newspaper that the chant cannot be ignored.

    “Our community is fed up,” he told “It’s really frustrating that kids work so hard to get to this level and there’s another group of kids degrading them.”

    Jamey Harrison, deputy director of the University Interscholastic League, told Fox News that they have an “ongoing investigation” into the incident and at this point, it is unclear if the chant was racially motivated.

    “Clearly, officials from San Antonio ISD felt it was,” Harrison said. “It’s my understanding they felt like it was motivated by the fact that most of the students on their team were of Hispanic origin.”

    Harrison said they do not condone in any way “any type of derogatory chant or racially motivated chant at one of our events.”

    Should the investigation uncover wrongdoing, he said the school could face a whole range of sanctions — from probation to potential suspensions.

    Television station KSAT said the students who chanted “USA USA” were banned from the state title games and will be forced to apologize.

    “We just hope that people know that that’s not who we are and we’re not going to let it happen again,” Brown told KSAT.“usa-usa”-chant-is-racist.html
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    I thought it was funny. Shouting USA USA at a high school game is not racist. This is racist:

    I remember myself and a few classmates being chased into a gas station by a couple hundred black kids from the high school our team just beat in football. It didn't even make the news let alone be identified as racist. The gas station attendant was so scared by the angry crowd of black kids outside he told us we had to get out. Needless to say, we didn't budge until the cops showed up.
  3. lol . . . pspr , funny story that, show us the video.
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    Yet another "win" for the anti-US/pro diversity lunatics.
  5. And yet another angry redneck.:D
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    And yet another stupid remark from a pathological lying race obsessed third shift enema technician and self defined porch monkey.

    Uh...THIS would be your que to "LOL" IQ 47.
  7. I guess I'm the one being given a cue to comment. How is diversity anti-Us Mr. L? We are a nation of diverse peoples, from a hundred different countries. Some here by choice, many by force, but we're all here now. I don't see this as 'anti-American.'

    edit: Although the USA chant doesn't seem particularly bad in its' own right, but I wasn't there.

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    I see them as two separate if not often related agendas.

    Too much diversity is a negative, in case you haven't noticed yet.

  9. Who decides what is 'too much' diversity. And, what have I not noticed? The President? Black people whose ancestors were dragged here by white men? Chinese who were dragged here to build railroads by old white men? The Irish who were not allowed to work on the Eastern seaboard? The immigrants from Europe? The legal immigrants from south of the border? Even the illegals, do they have an agenda?

    Curious as to which agenda you're referring to.

    I 'notice' concerns about people doing illegal things. Regardless of their heritage. Tax cheats, illegal bankers, Bernie Madoff. Those type of people. What's their agenda besides greed and crime?

    Where were you ancestor's from? Not Native Americans I'll bet. j/k

    Mine came from the British Isles, back around 1790 or so, maybe earlier, that's as far back as I can trace them.

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