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    States with more "relaxed" gun laws have less gun crime. Fact!

    Take a look at the places in the US with the harshest gun laws, and you'll find HIGHER gun crime as yes, only criminals will possess guns when the law abiding cannot...

    My question is why can't teachers with a military background, police background, etc., carry concealed? After all, in my Church, there are at least three guys carrying guns under their coats in case some nut wants to come in and murder.... It's not a secret that trusted Church members carry to prevent some nutcase mass shooting. Kinda funny... No one comes in with guns to murder when it's KNOWN there are armed Men in there.

    Insane nutcases are at least educated enough to know there are no staff members in public schools with guns, so there is going to be ZERO resistance knowing that, and the results are what they are...

    Yes, I agree, this is a society problem. RESPECT has been lost by people today, and that's very scary.

    My solution would be to have the word "on the street" that there are several school staff members carrying 1911 .45's, Glocks, and Sigs concealed, and prepared to deploy if needed. Nutcases would be smart enough to realize that, and go to the malls, etc., vs murdering little kids...:( Of course, knowing that, the malls, etc., would follow suit, and mass shootings would drop like a rock.

    I'll leave with what I've said before... The Man who basically raised me died two years ago at 79. He and his Friends used to walk to school and back home Monday through Friday. When the squirrel hunting season opened, he and his friends would carry their shotguns and .22's to school, put them in the Principal's office, then after school, they would squirrel hunt on their walk home. The Principal would comment on hunting, talk about their guns, shooting skills, etc., but was also the same guy who would bust their asses with a paddle if they got into a fist fight, etc., in school.

    Liberal Scum bag-o-crats can ban what they want, but gun control WILL NOT solve our societal problems stemming from:

    1. Biblical teaching removed from schools.

    2. Lack of respect for others.

    3. Zero responsibility, as it's always someone else's fault.
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    That IS a fact, as a matter of fact.

    What I find "interesting" is that in most states even someone who has jumped through the hoops to get a CCW permit is not allowed on school grounds while armed.

    Leaving us with this potential scenario. I'm walking down the sidewalk in front of an elementary school. I hear what sounds like gun shots and observe kids and teachers running from the building. Legally, despite being armed and willing to risk my welfare, I can only call 911 and wait for the police to arrive.
  3. What's the problem? They can be there in 15 or 20 minutes.

    What to do when you don't have a couple of minutes.
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    Sad America can't find common sense with both hands.:( If you have a ccw, I would think you'd be a breath of fresh air to have in the school, as the unarmed (and everyone knows it), staff would feel safe while you're there.
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    So true!!! I worked my way through college with a State Police agency in a rural part of this once great Country. There were many nights I covered 720 square miles by myself with backup being 45 minutes, minimum away. Knowing that, I started buying guns, and training my Family as it's a pipe dream to think the police will be there in time to save the day. When I left the department, I was nothing more than an after the fact report-taker...:(
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    Forgot to add. The "average" response time may be 11 minutes in the US, but that's based on a Metro city, not an area outside of a city limits. I used to drive like some Indy car guy when a call was exigent, but still took up to 30+ minutes to get there. Anyone who thinks the police can get there and stop a violent attack is smoking crack.

    When a nutcase hellbent on murdering people encounters an armed person who's trained, and willing to stop the attack, he meets the deck quickly vs hurting anyone else...