Schonfeld vs Hold Brothers vs Assent

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mercurio, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Alright, so which one is better? Which one is more likely to go under? Which one offers better opportunity for begginer trader? For experienced traders?
  2. No doubt, Hold Brothers. Although I have talked with Don Bright as well and I think his firm is also one of the best. Bright Trading.
  3. If you trade NYSE stocks, Assent is the one.
    If you are a Nasdaq guy, it depends on the deal/training that you are getting wrt Assent & Hold.
    Assent is a very professional organization, Hold Bros had the worst clearing system that I have ever seen in my life. Probably they must have changed it by now, otherwise they would not be in business.
    I do not know Bright Trading, but from what I see Mr. Bright is a great guy, so have a look into their systems to before making up your mind.
  4. Schonfeld hands down.

  5. Are you kidding?

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    Have you traded at Schonny?
  7. I would not want my money in any of those places, especially Hold Bros & Assent.
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    schonfeld, def not hold
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    For the people that recommended not to join Hold Bros........can u explain your dislikes about them?
  10. Generic should also be included in this assessment of frims.
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