Schonfeld Vs. Assent + When Will Assent get Sold?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by aeliodon, May 21, 2007.

  1. I called them and they said i needed 30k minimum...what happened to 25k?.. Also they'd hold my money for a yr, and i cant take it out before then...whats that about?
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  2. timcar


    This in my opinion is one the worst features of Prop firms:
    the holding of a traders deposit for a year.

    If trader enrolls puts up $50k and in three months blows out say $30k trader would need rest of that money to live on.

    Some posters complain about high commish but poor benefits/features are just as bad.

    I agree with "cashmoney" its time to find a better Prop firm.
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  3. 30k??? That's not right.

    Which branch did you call?
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  4. 201 356 1400 talked to some guy named chris.
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  5. sun170


    I thought all retail accounts were min 30k. You need over 25k to negate PDT rules. If you opened with 25k as soon as you made your first trade you would be under 25k and would be unable to trade,

    If your trading a sub account or prop 5k should be sufficient.
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  6. the holding period for assent is only for licensed traders, some bs rule that they use for some reason, most other firms don't have a holding period which is the way it should be.. crazy rule, should not be allowed imo.
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