Schonfeld Vs. Assent + When Will Assent get Sold?

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  1. Now that Schonfeld has merged with Lightspeed, I wonder just how big the combined company will be compared to Assent or Bright Trading.

    Schonfeld clearly is committed to the professional trading community.

    Assent - on the other hand is owned by a bunch of PE firms that couldn't care less about the pro trading community. I bet its just a matter of time before Assent gets sold. PE firms buy companies to sell them (privately or through public offerings). So who will buy Assent?
  2. Assent liked Lightspeed so much, they hired at least one former Lightspeed programmer to make Anvil as much like Lightspeed as possible. So its pretty clear that Lightspeed is the best trading software out there.
  3. Which prop firms are the biggest LLCs at Schonfeld?
    I'm guessing Chimera is the biggest Assent LLC.
  4. I remember RM saying that Schonfeld is worth at least 500 million - damn thats loot.
  5. The only buyer of Assent that I can imagine is Schonfeld - or call it a 'merger' if you'd like. Now how would good old Bob Bright respond to that?
  6. LMAO :D :D :D

    This thread is hysterical.
  7. You apparently don't know shit about the business. Anvil is nearly a copy of Lightspeed.
  8. You're right, I don't know anything about this business. I just started paper trading this morning.

    However, I do know enough to laugh at some babbling moron who starts a thread with five consecutive posts in a 7 minute time span talking about firms being bought or sold when he clearly has no basis for the blatant rumors he is starting.

    Anyway, please tell the names of the former Lightspeed programmers that Assent hired "to make the Anvil as much like Lightspeed as possible"?

  9. speedboy


    Sure...Name the developer bigshot. Didnt think so.
    One of the developers at Schoenfeld used to be a developer at Andover...doesnt mean anything.
    These guys go from place to place. Big deal.

  10. Thats right. Just one thing matters, WHAT YOU TAKE HOME! And what you pay.

    Just remember iam not your baby dad:D
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