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  1. nylord1


    can any schonfeld traders out there tell me how their new software platform is working out? Also, is schonfeld self clearing?
  2. broadway trading ... any news on what happened here?

    did the majority of its traders move there and need to be liscensed or did only the best traders moved there
    and the others and the remote traders end up needing
    to move elsewhere?
  3. axehawk


  4. like block and harbor did a few yrs back?

    or were the owners able to sell their traders
    and volume / order flow to Shony ?
  5. there's a Shoney thread going on somewhere around here ... might help.

    From what i understand, they are self-clearing.
  6. rs7


    Read somewhere in a "shoney thread" that they were no longer self clearing. Have since asked one of the managers at Schonfeld. Not true. They are still self-clearing (or were as of a few weeks ago when I asked).

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    Are there any other Schoney updates you care to share with us? Things have been quite here on ET about that firm the last couple of months.
  8. Sanity


    schonfeld is still self clearing, they are also member NYSE
  9. Schony is still around? Interesting........if they are still prop.....customer I would understand....but prop..?
  10. if you worked in schonfeld before, you will like this company.
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