Schonfeld shuts doors

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    rumor that schonfeld closed its los angeles office today.... can anyone confirm or deny????


    Will look into it
  3. What is the big deal. Its just a restructuring of business. It comes with the territory. As a ex-schoni, shit happens. Hell, im in a better place now and i was able to learn on Schoni's dime. I can't beat that. It is better than a MBA.

    If it did happen, then it is up to the individual traders that were let go or resigned to move on.

    I think people mistook what the conversation was earlyer. This is not a call on Schoni Bashing. Facts were stated and some Facts were left out.

    If the office did close, well then that is a fact. Speculation as to why is irrelivent at this point. I think Schoni wants to do damage control and stop the Bashing. I agree. Lets move on and let Schoni work out what they need to work out.

    No im not kissing schoni s ass nor im I affraid. Its just the Threads did start getting outa hand and we are all part of the Street.
  5. No, it is not BIG BROTHER. It is the TERMINATOR...

  6. What's the final outcome of the Schonfeld cutbacks, anyone have the exact facts?


    L.A. Closed
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    Honestly, how do some of you get through life listening to such rumors. Try finding out the facts before stating such idiotic public comments.

    To set the record straight the LA office is currently hiring short term proprietary traders.

    They are open for business!


    I was told by Schonfeld employees that it is closed! How do you know its open ? Also, thet are NOT hiring Anyone
  10. I live in Southern CA and know traders at the LA office. They are still open and are hiring traders that scalp stocks. However there is talk of scaling back the office in LA. They are cutting back on the position traders. They have new software for scalpers that they are going to roll out pretty soon. Since they have a payout plan for gross positive traders, you can go there and churn a bunch of shares and still make money as long as you are gross positive and cover SEC fees. Hopefully when they roll out their new software they will have better reliability and execution speed.
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