Schonfeld Securities and commissions

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  1. Is there anyone who works in Schonfeld that pays less than the penny per share commissions ?

    To me it seems like waaaaaay too much it really sinks into my net profits. I've been told everyone at Schonfeld gets the same deal. Is there anyone who gets any different ?
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    I heard people at Schonfeld are paid a % of gross??
  4. Yes - there are traders at Shony who trade Gross.
    There are different deals.

    Look in the Brokers section.
  5. traders at schonfeld receive somewhere between 55-70% of their net or 20% of their gross. As I understand it they all get charged the same commissions when it comes to their net. Please someone tell me if this isnt true.
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    There are sub LLC's of Schonfeld, a group I know of pays around .006 per share. I beleive the current payout at Schonfeld is 20% gross with 8 % deferred.

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    I also saw on another thread here that only a small, select group of traders get to use bullets at shonys. Sounds kinda strange that they would do this. Is this true?
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    does anybody else offer gross deals?

  9. I know a group that pays less then a penny. way less
  10. true cost is ZERO.

    the clearing firm sets the base commission rate, and the brokerage that one goes through sets the markup from that base.
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