Schonfeld on CNBC

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  1. Stephen Schonfeld on CNBC right now...
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  3. I've read that Schonfeld trades his own capital. So is it true that he built up tens of millions with in a relatively short time (~10 years) just from trading stocks? He was/is on the Wall Street 100.
  4. I missed it
  5. it was actually pretty lame...just said that he has a bunch of traders all trading different strategies with firm capital.

    ...the whole bit was "is prop trading coming back"?
  6. taking retail traders too in the last yr

    I think their commissions are a tad high compared to some others

    but they claim their software and some other perks more than make up for it
  7. Is that all he said? Why was he on? is he shopping the firm? Its pretty much retail now right?
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    Funny that after they are way past their prime and have cut god knows how many traders, Schonfeld are promoting like crazy in papers/magazines and on TV.

    He claimed to have 600 traders in their offices. Is this at all accurate?
  9. He seemed a bit "camera-shy" and not at all that good of a speaker.

  10. did much better than that adam mesh clown, "i dont even know the stocks names, just the tickers"
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