Schonfeld: How to apply

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by murty, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. murty


    Anyone got any ideas on how to apply for trader at Schonfeld ? The website looks more like a sales shop for automatic trading products than a full fledged prop house.

    I know there are several Schonfeld subs...but I am just curious as to if people apply to the subs or directly to work at Schon ? If directly, how does one apply to work at Schon directly? ie If I dont know anybody working there?
  2. trdrk


    From home page click "automated trading" then "Trillium Trading, LLC" and you should find contact info.
  3. maybe one approach would be to trade retail at shoney and if you have great track record then apply for prop division ?

  4. murty


    Thanks traderk.
    (No, I wont open a retail acct)
  5. For some reason prop firms have a tough time equating retail trading success to prop success.

    Just what i've heard.