Schonfeld Group

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ivymba, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. ivymba


    Is it true they have a similiar set up to an I-bank prop desk?
    10-15% gross plus year end bonus?
  2. landboy


    I'm hoping I understand the motivation behind your question... Why worry about the payout when you'd learn much more trading with a real Ibank? If Schonfeld was paying 20% I think it's still better to go with the Goldmans, you'd gain a much more indepth knowledge...
  3. Does anyone know if these guys are ANY good?

    how much does the training cost?

    what are the requirements to even be considered for training?

    - nate
  4. Surdo


    Steven Schonfeld is the best in the biz, and has many very smart traders working for him, to even be considered you have to prove yourself with small size first.
  5. what do you mean small size?..they wont take a beginner and teach them from the ground up?...thats odd, imo

    - nate
  6. Surdo


    Sell yourself.

    They have a very high success rate and do not waste their time with "Wanna Be" traders. Anybody can trade on their Retail desk.