Schonfeld Group

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  1. heard that they house both real prop traders and arcade-type prop does that work
  2. checked their website.

    does anyone know briefly how do the Quant Managers and L/S Managers programs work?
  3. after some googling, it seems that Schonfeld works similar to a seed capital provider to promising fund managers.
  4. Seems very interesting model:

    December 19, 2012

    Schonfeld Group Strengthens Commitment to Funding Leading Portfolio Management Teams

    * Increases Focus with Hire of Millennium’s Adin Kahn
    * Adds Five Portfolio Management Teams in Second Half of 2012 and Commits to Doubling Market Exposure
    * Highly-Focused Multi-Manager, Multi-Strategy Investment Approach with Proprietary Family Office Capital Fosters Secure, Creative Environment for Elite Portfolio Managers
    * Offers Generous Performance-Based Formulaic Payouts, IP Ownership and Portable Track Records


    Backed by industry-leading technology and the experience and commitment of a sophisticated investor in the market for 25 years, Schonfeld’s portfolio management ‘offering’ features:

    * Generous Performance-Based Formulaic Payouts
    * IP Ownership and Portable Track Records
    * The opportunity to raise funds outside of Schonfeld Group
    * The opportunity for managers to co-invest in their funds
    * Geographic flexibility

  5. but it should be rather selective when it comes to manager evaluation