Schonfeld, ETG which is better?

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  1. Anyone know anything about these two firms or have any recommendations?
  2. why don't you just stop your andover bullshit
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  3. i guess you run an LLC
  4. I've heard good things about both Schonfeld and ETG (and FNYS), between the two (three), which place has the best traders?
  5. why don't you tell me who you work for and what's your interest in starting this thread, and I'll tell you about the traders of the aforementioned firms
  6. i dont work for anyone. i trade my own account out of andover. and i want to be around better traders and keep growing as a trader. and who are you?
  7. I'm a prop. trader at one of the firms you have mentioned. In my opinion all 3 firms are great places for starting traders, and they all have great traders. Best to my knowledge FNYS and ETG were recently hiring, and Schonfeld was not.

    All this and lots of other info is available on elitetrader, pros and cons of trading with them have been discussed inside out several times, all you need to do is "search" from top right corner of ET start page.

    Your first 2 posts, regarding commissions and bullet rates, are contradicting to the statement that you are interested in Schonfeld and ETG just to be with better traders.
  8. thanks for the tip on searching. i dont see what you mean by contradictory. i know my situation, and am just replying to other peoples questions by posting to let them know what kind of rates people can get. the fact that i'm interested in doing other things myself, like growing and learning by going to other places shouldnt matter. if i make $5k a day paying $.003/share or whatever and am not learning anything new, why wouldn't i consider going to a place where i can learn and there are people making $50k a day even though they're paying $.02/share? I'll do whatever it takes to get my net up as consistently high as possible. whatever, i'm not anal about sharing information, i think it benefits us all, unless you own a broker or run an LLC where you make money by screwing new traders with jacked up commission rates. any info you feel like sharing about your place would be appreciated.
  9. I wouldn't be the trader I am if I couldn't feel the nonsense that you came up with.

    Right now I don't feel like discussing the firm I work for, I'm here for my own amusement and not their promotion. All I can say is that I"m sick and tired of Andover and their unprofessionallism(coming from their recruiter/office-group managers, or whoever fuck they are, (of course, I don't mean you).

    ari... veru...


    I've used both schonex & andover systems. I think andover is better. However I think if you want to grow & trader larger size Schonfeld is better geared for that. I am an independent trader. I see no self improvement programs at andover. I see some at Schonefled. (I was a sucessfull broadway trader which was taken over by schonfeld.) I have no axe to grind w/either place
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