Schonfeld buys Heartland ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jorges, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. jorges


    Can any Schonfeld or Heartland traders confirm if this is true or just another rumor?
  2. Swipe


    I heard they may be buying andover or is that bendover
  3. Andover was bought by Sungard already.
  4. rs7


    The deal with Andover was consummated a while ago. I have a buddy that left Shony almost a year ago so he could have more trading freedom. (bullets, contra trading overnight, no share size limit with his buying power, etc.) and now he is back working under Schonfeld. He is not thrilled.

  5. I was told they bought Broadway a while back. Why would they want to fork over an cash for that place. From what I heard Heartland still does OK so that would make more sense, but Broadway did not seem to make much sense.
  6. rs7


    I don't know about they still exist? But
    Andover was a done deal. I have no explanations for any of it. I only know that my friend did go to Andover and is now working for shony cause shony bought them out.
    I don't know much about any of these other firms. Is Broadway the firm that was Jeff Wilson's? If so, I doubt it is worth anything after he died. Also, if that was Jeff's firm, I heard they had some pretty serious compliance problems. More than "pretty serious", but if it was Broadway, I would imagine it is public knowledge. Whatever firm it was that Jeff owned had some highly irregular backing.

  7. Broadway was bought by Schonfeld a while ago and Andover was bought by Sungard recently.
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    I was kidding in my last post I because of all of the andover bitc&^$g.

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    does shony still have a freeze on hiring??? is their highest pay out still 50%? do they have married puts yet? anyone here work there???
  10. Schonfeld still has a hiring freeze. I heard they were going to fire 150 traders from various offices. They fired about 20 a couple of weeks ago from the Florida office. The highest payout is 60% I think. Schonfeld has bullets but very few traders are allowed the privilege to use them.
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