Schindler Trading

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  1. cwjcntr


    he's definitely kickin butt n takin names....

    Rock on Aaron!
  2. Aaron


    Thanks Blackguard and Cwjcntr!

    Do you get my monthly performance update email? Let me know if you don't and would like to.
  3. cwjcntr


    Yep, get them every month since January '04.... Have fun dude :D

  4. that can let us wannabee hedge traders track the monnthly

    or quarterly rankings of the under 1M / 1M - 10 M / over 10 M

    etc H.F. crowd ?:)
  5. Aaron


    Without having to pay anything or having to register and be accredited, I'd say is the best website for following hedge fund managers. IASG only covers a small subset of the hedge funds out there, but it is the most accessible of the websites I've seen.
  6. ertrader1

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    I would bust ur balls schin, but since ur a member of the tribe and passover starts tomorrow, im gona let ur flunkies beat on their chest for you......

    However, after second seder its on...

  7. Congratulation Aaron, you did a terrific job and jumped to a new all time high.

    I can remember a few months ago in the vale of Oct 03 or so there was a big dicussion here at elitetrader with plenty of "clever" guys who predicted the Aron will never make a new high........ ;) ;)

    Here it is.....

    keep on swinging the club.

    greetings from austria
  8. virgin


    Nice job , Aaron !!

    Do you get a better rate shedule with Ffasttrade than

    us retail boys, if you don't mind to tell us.....
  9. Aaron


    Schindler Trading pays their published 50¢ per side (plus exchange and NFA fees) rate. That's a good rate.
    #10     Apr 5, 2004