Schindler Trading up 17% YTD

Discussion in 'Trading' started by islands111, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. $5mil assets under mgmt??

    i know part time traders that have more than that????
  2. Why dont you just say congratulations?
  3. Yeah and just a few years ago it was 3M and in a few more will be 10M. Schind is pretty young too. 2/20 - do the math. Where will you be in your 50's?
  4. TF will remain poor and envious.
  5. nice job aaron!

  6. Div_Arb


    With a 48.9% maximum drawdown and super-volatile return stream, I think the real question is where Schindler will be in his 50's.
  7. No disrespect but there are dozens of such funds...check out CTA-INFO....many of which have less max drawdown!

    What do you think of Dan Zanger...trades his own account...$80 Million and claims 100-200% returns per year...?

  8. You fuckin douchebag..You da man!

    Good job Aaron..
    it's tough finding clients out there, even with a good track record..
  9. GTS


    Note that the amount of leverage used was halved Apr 2005 and the drawdown happened before that so going forward drawdowns (and gains) should be tempered.
    #10     Aug 7, 2007
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