Schindler Fund up 18.4% YTD

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by islands111, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. empee


    nice work with this kind of market!
  2. Aaron


    Thanks, Blackguard!

    Next time you'll have to say something negative as well -- otherwise it looks like you're on my payroll. :D

    Aaron Schindler
  3. Aaron


    Thanks, empee!

    I'm glad to see my automated strategies are pretty much flat today. There's likely to be a big move after the Fed statement today and I have no idea whether it will be up or down -- in equities, bonds, gold, and the dollar.
  4. Pekelo


    Hehe, your other fellow ETer's (OK, it is my modesty) fund is up 4+% after 3 weeks of trading. Repeat, not YTD but after 3 weeks.

    Otherwise good work and good luck...
  5. 1)pekelo, you have done a great job, but its hard to judge someones performance after only three weeks.

    2)for the record: I am not affiliated at all with Aaron or his Fund. I don't know him personally either. I think I post his results to show people there are people making a living trading the markets. I think the stats are 90-95% lose.

    Well, Aaron is one of the few who succeed.

  6. nice going!

    we are betting on down move in indexes and upmove in $ in response.

    we shall see,

  7. Aaron


    Thanks, Surf.

    Contrary to the eurodollar market, you must be expecting a rate increase?
  8. I'm staying flat in my mainstay of GBP/USD... and, no way in h*ll will I have a bond position on going into this :)

    Congrats Aaron on the nice performance to date

  9. GTS


    Yep Aaron is having another good year.

    I just wish he would go back to using "double leverage" again or offer two different funds with old vs new leverage for those that want more risk (and reward)!

    Hint hint
    #10     Aug 8, 2006