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  1. You make a public statement that you have cancer but don't give a prognosis or type?
  2. I can't imagine that I could dislike a public figure more than I did before this.
  3. Probably a weak sympathy ploy to get the State of Rhode Island off his back...
  4. For a minute I thought you were talking about Jeffery SKilling:D

    who wouldn't make up Cancer to get an early release from prison.....:)

    kinda sad when we have to resort to chit chat as the "go to" forum

  5. Yeah, my thoughts. Why make it public but release no info about your health unless it's a stage I basal cell or something.
  6. nursebee


    If he goes bankrupt, maybe he can move in with Dykstra.
  7. Pretty sure Dykstra already has a roomie in his prison cell....

    Or his halfway house...

    I forget which one applies...